Sandeep Verma, CTO & Co-Founder

Sandeep brings over 18 years of professional software development experience including 9 years in the Mobile Technologies.Responsible for formulating and executing company’s global strategy.

He has proven his unique ability to translate business needs into technical solutions. In 2009, he saw the opportunity to leverage the exceptional software engineering talent of the region to provide global IT services and established Sangwan Infotech. In addition, he works closely with the leadership team on our long-term business strategy.

In his 18 year career with the company, Mr. Sandeep has built a reputation for his strong work ethic, results-oriented consensus building and exceptional ability to forge and maintain major client relationships.

Mr. Sandeep exemplifies Sangwan Infotech's commitment to helping its clients achieve high performance. He is a proven leader with deep expertise in developing strong client relationships, a passion for building outstanding client teams and a disciplined focus on operations and execution.

Expert in custom software development and complex IT solutions implementation for telecommunications, wireless, finance, transportation and insurance domains.

He has extensive experience in project management and business development for custom software solution. His professional talent is to understand what a partner need, discuss it with the development team, and manage the whole process to achieve partner’s goals faster, better and more efficient, overtaking most of the expectations.

He manages techno-logic tasks of top-level complexity and integrates in the operation process of companies in such industries as Finance, Mobile and Wireless, Telecom.

His vast experience in almost every base technology, he can provide integrated solutions as per business needs irrespective of the language/technology boundaries.

He achieved Microsoft Certification in 1998 and upgrading himself in every new technology. He build his carrier from scratch when computer is on age of XT/AT from MS-DOS. Over his career he has produced software addressing a broad range of business needs including Advertisement Management System for Live & Media Rich Services, Mobile Content Delivery/Management & Reporting System, Sales Force & Marketing Automation, Inventory Tracking and Finance.