Games Development

Sangwan Infotech, being a leading mobile game development company in India offers innovative, fun, action, thrill and entertainment based games design & development services to it's customers round the world for mobile and web platform.

Mobile has revolutionized the gaming industry opening up new platforms for not only to the established gaming studios but also to the indie game developers. Mobile game development is not just related to the code but it is a storytelling. Every great game has a story. What is the player motivation going to be? What will keep him or her engaged? Motivation can be sometimes very simple ("kill the bad guys") or may be very complex (life like and meaningful). Your story maybe epic, your planning may be great, it may involve creating breathtaking levels and giving players highly intuitive controls, however, all this means nothing if it is not backed up by solid execution. Sangwan Infotech can help you execute fast and well because of our experience and expertise.

We have an amazing team of mobile game developers. We have on-board specialists in 2D and 3D game engines such as Corona, Cocos2D, Box2D, CRY, Unity and Open GL. Our game specialists bring into force their strong technical background to develop complicated physics based 2D and 3D game. If you are struggling to find mobile game development house who can create a 3D game with capabilities beyond that of the off-the-shelf Unity or Unreal game engines then look no further, you have landed at the right place. Our mobile specialists will get down the OpenGL layer and code a custom 3D game engine specifically for your mobile game project.

Flash Game Development

We create unique and functional rich media applications that enhance the user experience through data visualization and interaction. Whether it be a small Flash widget to add a dynamic element to a web page, a media-driven application, or something to enhance a social network site, we've got you covered.

Unity Game Development

Unity 3d is the latest favorite that's establishing itself as one of the most preferred authoring tool to develop 3d games and interactive content for Web and mobile. Games developed using Unity 3d framework run natively in mobile and use hardware acceleration for the ultimate gaming experience. We have gained deep expertise in developing highly interactive, entertaining games for iPhone, iPad and android devices using Unity 3d.

Game Development Process at Sangwan Infotech

  • Understanding the Game Ideas
  • Creating the Game Concept
  • Creating the Game design document
  • Creating the Interactive Wireframe and UI flow creation
  • Defining the Milestones
  • Game Art Style selection
  • Creation of game concepts including game characters,character design,level design & UI
  • Development of game prototype
  • Prototype development covers core game mechanics,game play and game programming using place holder art
  • Development of game assets,game chartacters and game levels
  • Development of UI,menus,Interface design etc
  • Programming and game programming and integration of game art,UI,physics,game mechanics and code
  • Game Testing and QA
  • Final Build Submission
  • Store Submission

I want to Outsource Games Development Services

We understand that your requirements and concept is unique and our dedicated analysts will be in touch with you to analyse it in details and suggest the other possibilities to provide the solutions at optimum efforts of Time & Money. The process usually takes 24-72 hours depending on the complexity and the business hours. You are welcome to Discuss Project  or  Submit RFP/RFQ. If you want to sign NDA before sharing your requirements with us, please click here for NDA Request.

I want to Hire Games Development Developer

You can hire an expert dedicated Games Development Application Developer or Games Development Development Team under your supervision at Sangwan Infotech for your custom Games Development application development project.