Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an essential part of any activity at Sangwan Infotech . Be it via boosting client’s online prominence by integrating latest in internet marketing or integrating advanced in software technology – with every solution delivered by Sangwan Infotech, quality remains an essential part.

The software development life cycle of any of our projects commences with marketing activities, moves through the different phases of development of the product/solution and ends with the successful installation and implementation of the same. Our emphasis on quality extends through each of these phases. To ensure 'quality' for our clients, we employ various technical measures, conduct formal technical reviews and perform planned software testing. We employ software quality assurance (SQA) team testing, which includes testing strategies, techniques and procedures for change control; testing procedures to ensure compliance to standards as well testing measurement and reporting mechanisms. Our quality assurance (QA) team assists the project team in producing high quality products for clients. The former performs a systemized set of activities that address quality assurance planning, oversight, record keeping, analysis as well as reporting.

QA Plan

The plan identifies:

  • Evaluations to be performed
  • Audits and reviews to be conducted
  • All standards applicable to the project
  • Procedures for error reporting and tracking
  • Documents to be produced by QA team
  • Feedback provided to software project team

The project team narrows down the process for the work to be performed. The QA team reviews the process description for adherence to organizational policy, internal software standards, externally imposed standards and other parts of the project plan. It audits and reviews selected work products. It identifies documents and tracks deviations from the process and verifies relevant corrections that have been made. Deviations encountered in the project plan, process description, applicable standards or technical work products are tracked till resolved. Software reviews make sure that errors are removed while they are comparatively inexpensive to correct. Software engineering process data is collated and disseminated to conduct thorough software quality assurance. Our SQA squad collates software metrics.

Collated defect data are extrapolated into projected failure rates and reliability predictions Our dedication towards ensuring delivery of quality solution guarantees that our clients receive solution - devised and tested to perform under real conditions.

Sangwan Infotech compliant and is committed to delivering quality software development services that fulfill all your needs and expectations. Hence, we strive for excellence in all areas of its business and give you a guarantee on the quality of your software products at all stages of development.

We guarantee the utmost level of quality in our operations by rigorously applying the following methodologies:

  • Hold periodic Quality Training Programs to enhance the performance of all employees.
  • InspecttheQuality of the applications atAll Levels of development.
  • Implement Extensive Testing practices with our in-house Testing team.
  • Develop effective internalTesting Mechanisms.

Our Quality Process Involves

  • Product Quality Program
  • Test Plans
  • Test Specification Guidelines
  • Problem Classification - Setting Priorities
  • Defect Tracking & Collaboration with Customer Support
  • Creating a Comprehensive Metrics Program