C, C++,C# & VC++ Application Development

C is one of the most widely used programming language. Though it is mostly used for writing system software, it also finds use in writing applications for commercial purposes too. C is often called a middle level language as it is a combination of elements of high level language and functionalism of Assembly language. In addition, applications written in C are portable and can be adapted from one type of computer to another.

C++ on the other hand is one of the most popular commercial programming languages. It has all features of C and in addition, it also adds support for object-oriented programming, data abstraction, procedural programming and generic programming. C++ is a very powerful and expressive language. However, it is difficult and programmer unfriendly.

We are hardcore patrons and evangelists of C/C++/VC++, with skills in eVC also. Our expertise ensures superior application quality and shorter development cycles in our development work and strictly adheres to industry standards and best practices. Companies can save on precious development time and cost by leveraging our C/C++/VC++ development services.

Sangwan Infotech offers the following C, C++,C# & VC++ based development services:

  • Developing custom application using C/C++/VC++ & C#
  • Upgrading of existing C/C++/VC++ & C# applications
  • Development in Open GL for image processing
  • Quality Assurance services for C/C++/VC++ & C# applications
  • Browser implementations (WAP, HTML, xHTML browsers), modifications and extensions (IE, Mozilla Firefox)
  • Browser extension programming for Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird & Internet Explorer
  • DirextX Filter Programming
  • Application and system level programming for mobile devices
  • Development of COM objects which provides Custom User interface for windows application.
  • COM objects Library for integration with Outlook and Outlook express

Our technical expertise includes:

  • Multimedia Compression (H.263, G.711)
  • QT - cross-platform application development framework
  • WTL - Windows Template Library
  • ATL - Active Template Library
  • MFC - Microsoft Foundation Class Library
  • STL - The Standard Template Library
  • Boost C++ Libraries

I want to Outsource C, C++,C# & VC++ Application Development Services

We understand that your requirements and concept is unique and our dedicated analysts will be in touch with you to analyse it in details and suggest the other possibilities to provide the solutions at optimum efforts of Time & Money. The process usually takes 24-72 hours depending on the complexity and the business hours. You are welcome to Discuss Project  or  Submit RFP/RFQ. If you want to sign NDA before sharing your requirements with us, please click here for NDA Request.

I want to Hire C,C++,VC++ Developer

You can hire an expert dedicated C,C++,VC++ Application Developer or C,C++,VC++ Development Team under your supervision at Sangwan Infotech for your custom C,C++,VC++ application development project.